Strategic Plan

Our Vision To offer alternative resources for school discipline with a focus on youth development.


Our Mission To reduce suspensions and expulsions having a major reduction in the school-to-prison pipeline.


Who We Serve Super Seeds is a non-profit organization serving schools and juvenile detention facilities within The Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky area.


Our Programs & Services Super Seeds accomplishes its mission in three (3) areas:

(1)  Youth – Large and small group settings focusing on teaching skills for development in de-escalation, conflict resolution, anger management, social and emotional intelligence, financial literacy, leadership and entrepreneurship.

(2)  Parents – Large and small group settings focusing on providing mediation assistance with school administrators, finding and connecting to workable solutions and resources and assisting in understanding school policies and civil liberties.

(3)  School Administrators – Providing evaluation and assessments for school learning environment, discipline patterns, retention, etc., providing an alternative resource for school discipline and mediation assistance for both parents and students.


Our Goals 2016-2019 1: Provide alternative resources for school discipline focusing on development

2: Provide evaluation and assessments

3: Provide timely, relevant and accessible programs

4: Provide mediation assistance for all parties

5: Provide a means to build a stronger community

Measurement Goals For Student’s Participating 1.     Reduce the number of school suspensions and expulsions by 25% at each school.

2.     Increase academic GPA’s by 10% for youth in program.

3.     Increase student retentions by 75% for each child in program.

4.     Reduce the number of office visits by 25% for each school.


Background and Context
Every year, Ohio schools issue more than 100,000 out-of-school suspensions to Ohio Children.[1] More than half of those suspensions are for “disobedient or disruptive behavior,” not for violence, drugs, alcohol or possession of weapons. The harmful effects of removing children from the academic process rather than choosing other alternatives for school discipline feeds into the school-to-prison pipeline. The ongoing effects of these practices have a profound impact on the school’s report impacting retention, grades and the number of student graduates leading to problems within our community.

In further review, we find that both disobedient or disruptive behavior and harassment/intimidation are both subjective and disproportionately affects students. Subjective determinations of disobedient or disruptive behavior and harassment/intimidation both may be susceptible to the influence of implicit bias. Students who are pushed out of the classroom through disciplinary measures are denied educational opportunities, which can have lasting life impacts.

In deciding when and how to apply discipline measures in schools is an important process that has immediate and long-term implications for students. The weight of making the right or wrong decision is in the hands of school administrators. However, school administrators do not always have adequate funding or the staffing capacity to implement alternative resources for school discipline. On one hand, school administrators sympathize with teachers that are focused on teaching and preparing students for tests understanding their need to remove any disruptions to that process. On the other hand, school administrators have little to no sympathy for parents that are unruly and disruptive themselves. The influences of the teachers and the parents contribute to the increased number of suspensions and expulsions.

Throughout this plan, you will see how Super Seeds plans to assist all areas of the educational process (student, parent and teacher) collaborating with members of the community implementing an intervention program to save our youth from the school-to-prison pipeline.

Super Seeds organizational competencies are in the ability to provide:

·       Alternative resources for school discipline focusing on development

·       Evaluation and assessments

·       Timely, relevant and accessible programs

·       Mediation assistance for all parties

·      A Means to build stronger communities

Our Goals: 2016 – 2017 School Year
Goal 1: Provide alternative resources for school discipline focusing on development Super Seeds offers an alternative resource for school discipline in the form of group and individual programs for students focusing on improving student retention, grades and graduation.


(a)   To train educators and school administrators on de-escalation skills.

(b)   Become the first resource to assist school administrators in dealing with school disciplinary issues.

(c)   Provide both group and individual programs for students focusing on specific competencies.

(d)   Provide assistance at the school supporting school administrators in addressing behavior issues.

(e)   Our programs can range from one (1) session up to fifteen (15) sessions.


Goal 2: Provide evaluation and assessments Super Seeds offerings covers the following areas:

Student – Evaluating and assessing students for mental health, substance abuse and social/emotional intelligence.

Parents – Evaluating and assessing parents for mental health and family structure/issues.

School Administrators – Evaluating and assessing schools disciplinary practices, school discipline policies and over school learning environment.


(a)   To train all staff members, trainers, mentors and school administrators on specific signs relating to mental health, de-escalation, conflict resolution, etc.

(b)  To implement a protocol for reporting issues, follow-through procedures and follow-up.

(c)   To have connected community partners that are experts in the fields of mental health, substance abuse, suicide, family issues, etc.

Goal 3: Provide timely, relevant and accessible programs Super Seeds offerings cover topics including mediation, conflict resolution, anger management, leadership, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, etc. for both the youth, parent and school administrators.


(a)   To offer programs that are in-time with current school issues and relevant to the age group participating.

(b)   To utilize community resources to fulfill and expand in course offerings.

(c)   To provide all programs on-site during the day or after school eliminating the need for additional transportation.


Goal 4: Provide mediation assistance for all parties Super Seeds will be the primary connector for effective collaboration between student, parent and school administrators in all matters.


(a)  To become the primary point-of-contact when issues arise with the relationships.

(b)  To be the mediator expressing and supporting all points of view.

(c)   To engage all participants in conversations that support our mission of “youth development.”

(d)  To host individual and group meetings with all parties fostering the need for trust, relationship building, etc.

(e)   To help parents understand school policies and their civil liberties.


Goal 5: Provide a means to build a stronger community Super Seeds will collaborate with community leaders and agencies that can be utilized as a source for both program implementation and support. These include but not limited to: law enforcement, attorneys, psychologists, social service agencies, retired teachers, etc.


(a)   To host community forums on various “hot” topics, such as school discipline reform, de-escalation, academics, etc.

(b)   To invite community leaders to speak to parents and the community in an effort to strengthen the community. i.e. law enforcement, city council members, mayors, etc.

(c)    To build corporate partners that will participate and/or support in all aspects of the program from classroom engagement to parent assistance to community forums.


Board Members:

Ki-Afi Ra Moyo – Certified Project Manager with 16+ years of marketing, project management and procurement experience. She has produced key strategic initiatives for Ford Motor Company, The City of Plano, Texas, Affordable Housing Housing Advocates of Greater Cincinnati and recently joined the Kroger Team for Tag Worldwide. Ki-Afi Ra is a subscribing life member of Florida A&M University’s National Alumni Association where she received an undergraduate degree in Business and MBA in Marketing.

[1] Ohio Department of Education, iLRC Power Reports