Facts & Figures

SuperSeeds is a PRE-incarceration & Anti-gun violence program that is effectively deterring youth away from the life of incarceration. More dollars need to be invested in PRE-Incarceration programs, such as SuperSeeds. In addition, by interviewing inmates, we provide a therapeutic outlet for inmates giving their lives purpose and motivation to serve their time but plan for life after so that they don’t return.



Facts & Figures (published by Hamilton County Justice Center)

  • With an average inmate population of 1357 the Hamilton County jail system is ranked among one of the largest in Ohio.
  • On June of 2017, the inmate population reached a historic number of 1,612 inmates housed in Justice Center.
  • Over 1.6 million meals served every year
  • YTD in 2019, 338 pregnant women have received medical care.
  • Total number of inmates admitted in 2019 (Jan – Nov) 20,797