3-Step Approach

Super Seeds has created a model in which we unite the community to assist in the development of our youth. It is imperative for our youth to see a united community that is supportive in helping them to ‘Be The Best They Can Be!’


  • School Suspensions Don’t Work
  • Pulls Child From Academic Process
  • Does Not “Change Behavior”
  • Creates More Problems
  • More Suspensions
  • Lack of Trust For Those In Authority


Step 1: Student – Youth Development
Step 2: Parents – Education & Accountability
Step 3: School Administrators – Engagement & Accountability

Step 1: Student – Youth Development

Our overall mission is to modify student behavior, in order to assist them in their academic, social and emotional intelligence.  We want to foster and support their leadership abilities.

Super Seeds Intervention Programs:

  • De-escalation Skills
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Anger Management
  • Social & Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership Skills
  • Financial Literacy
  • Entrepreneurship


Step 2: Parents

Our mission is to create the support for the student by assisting the parents in understanding school policies and their civil liberties. We utilize several agencies that can help support the families.

  • Provide resources for parents, in an effort to:
    • Provide Mediation Assistance with School Administrators
    • Finding & Connecting To Workable Solutions and Resources
    • Relationship Building, Social & Emotional Intelligence, etc.
    • Assisting in Understanding School Policies & Civil Liberties


Step 3:  Teachers and School Administrators

Our mission is to support the teachers in their roles as educators by helping them understand the diversity of students that they teach and provide them with alternative discipline resources.

  • Provide An Alternative Resource For School Discipline
  • Provide Evaluation and & Feedback for School Administrators
  • Provide Mediation Assistance for both Parents & Students
  • Provide A Platform for Open Dialogue with Parents & Community